Work Health & Safety

Construction management product is complex systems, that entail the start or plan stage, the operation or implementation stage as well as the evaluation or improve stage with the management. These three flow stages covered the complete life time of safe management period, contacted the other person and formed a dynamic circulation flow of safe management. The doctoral dissertation mainly studied safety management about the three stages, including plan of construction safety management, execution of construction management, construction safety accident management and construction management maturity, along with management practice of some construction enterprise. The research results of thesis is of great theoretical significance and practical value to enhance the management amount of construction enterprise and promote the safe, healthy and sustainable development of construction industry.

Work Health & Safety
The study results and innovative points are as follows:1. Construction management planFrom point of view to boost the performance of construction management and enhance market competitiveness of construction enterprise, the thesis submitted the thought of construction management strategic planning, drew lessons from the production safety management mechanism of industrial country and indicated the direction of management strategic planning of construction enterprise within our country, namely to put occupation health management system(OSHMS) in reality. Furthermore hazard source on construction sites exists unconditionally, it's impossible to completely eliminate or fully control hazard source because of the restriction of the particular conditions of project. The best way is always to concentrate limited human and material to remove or control more dangerous source.

Work Health & Safety
Some sort of performance evaluation model of safety objective management is offered depending on benefits theory.2. Construction safety management executionThe problem of control over construction design lies forward, which extended the protection responsibility of designer. The key purpose, obstacle and Countermeasures of undertaking construction design is analyzed emphatically in China. Virtual reality technologies are an entirely new technical control means, comprising a development direction of construction management. Virtual reality technologies are introduced in construction safety management. The thesis analyzed its application prospect, which enriched the control manner of construction safety management. The thesis also discussed the connotation of construction safety culture.

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